women artists

Mom, I don't want to be a muse, I want to be an ARTIST.

As a woman, artist and co-founder of Art Tazgona, I, Paula Cuesta, along with my team, understand that it is important to provide this space, just for them, just for us. Always in the shade. But with much to say...

Each of us wanted to contribute our feelings, our opinion, our response to the question...what does it mean for you to be an artist woman?

Alba Guerrero. It's who I am, it's what I want them to see of me.

Beatriz Hinojosa. For me, being a woman artist is going against the current, trying to achieve your goals so that, in addition to feeling fulfilled, you can be a model for other women who will one day go through the same thing.

Claudia Hernández. It's not about who I am as a woman… but what I can offer as a person.

Clara Tomás. woman_artist_meaning_ _It meant realizing that I had to prove with three times more effort that what I had to say mattered.

Eva Antelo. I don't know what it means to be a woman (and) an artist, or vice versa, because I don't know what it feels like not to be. (Photo: @gustavooterol)

Hamartia. I like to think that there is no gender division in the figure of the creator, but as a woman in the art scene I am aware that this illusion rarely turns out to be real.

Helen Aquaviva. Honestly, being a woman artist, for me, has never been an exclusion in the art world.

Heitiare. Why do we always have to justify our gender and/or sex? For me, we are just different essences that want to tell different stories.

Jara de las Heras. In the world of art, the gender of the artist does not matter or should not matter, but the message that he wants to convey or what he wants to tell the world.

MJMuñoz. The concept of woman implies many other aspects that seem not to be seen when we talk about women artists.

Paula Cuesta. Being a woman artist is the way I know to be brave. It is being a war cry, a song to freedom, a dance with the world and a reconciliation with humanity.

Sandra Bravo. It's a question that makes me sad to ponder. Every day, I wake up struggling to be a part of life.

Sara Gema. Yes, I am a feminist, we all should be, but I do not fight to be a woman, I fight to keep learning.

Teresa Arrabal. For me, being a woman artist is a responsibility. A responsibility that I like and is necessary.

Teresa Castillo. For me, above all, being a woman artist is having the ability to reflect on the reality that surrounds us to try to create awareness with the intention of social transformation.

Virginia Mendoza. As a feminist, I believe that men and women must have the same opportunities and be valued according to equitable criteria in any field, including art.

Yazmin. I, a passionate, fighter, brave and creative woman, project my inspiration every day to express all the love that I discovered and still continue to discover dancing.